Friday, October 21, 2005

Hi again,

been a couple of weeks since my last post. I've been somewhat busy - including short visits to Barcelona for a conference and Edinburgh to visit a client. After a while the "jet setting" lifestyle gets old and tiring.

This week Google announced third quarter earnings close to double that of the same quarter last year and Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has gone on record saying that Microsoft know's how to compete with Google. (See - I said they'd have thought about this...)

The "EEC" have asked the US to share control of the internet - more particularly the control of DNS which is currently in the hands of the US ICANN. I'm British and am horrified at the thought of the European governments being in control of the internet in this way. What do you think?

The latest Windows security patches seem to have caused concern in some quarters because of the fact that they can cause all sorts of side effects on computers configured in a particular way. While most home users should be unaffected you might want to check out this support entry from Microsoft:

We created a new web site this week - Part of the reason is that I get shocked by the amount of debt people seem to build up without having any idea of how to take control of their finances. Loan Consolidation may be a useful tool to some to enable them to see the "wood for the trees". Maybe I'll create another site all about how to create a budget and manage money. Hmmm....

Last weekend was my parents Golden Wedding Anniversay. They had a party in Broadmoor, Pembrokshire, Wales to celebrate with their friends in that part of the world and this weekend they are having another celebration in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England as that is where they used to live before they retired. I got (and will get) to propose the toast and Mark (brother) entertained us all with a number of songs chosen by our parents. Shelly (daughter) sang with him for a couple of the songs, including "Master of the House" from Les Miseables". Luke (son) did some juggling and baloon modelling. Quite a family affair really and so far very enjoyable. The highlight for most last weekend must surely have been Mark's daughter Leah, 2, who decided to join her dad on stage, demand his hat and sunglasses he was wearing for a "blues brothers" number and then grab the microphone cable until she had dragged it down to her level so she could join in!

Anyway, time to go - be happy!