Friday, March 02, 2007

Beware of false greetings

Hi folks,

twice today I've received an email which looks like this:


Hello friend !
You have just received a Greeting from someone who cares about you!

Just click here to receive your Animated Greeting !

Thank you for using services !!!
Please take this opportunity to let your friends hear about us by sending them a postcard from our collection !

The email says it came from "".

If you receive anything like this, whatever you do DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!

In this case the word "here" appeared in blue as a hyperlink. I checked it and it goes to That means that if you click on the link it will run a program on your PC.

I have no idea what this program will do but I'm very clear that I don't want it running on my computer!

There are doubtless other emails going around with dodgy links in them. Please please please think "safety" before you click on any link in an email regardless of how friendly it looks.

It's also worth taking a moment to recognise the fact that it was addressed to "dear friend" - not to my name. If a friend of mine really did send me an online card, don't you think they would use my name?

The exception will be if you have recently done something (such as sign up for a newsletter) and so the email has arrived in response to something you have done.

Be safe.



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