Monday, June 12, 2006

You may be a Zombie (check in the mirror!)

Here's more proof that botnets, or networks of PCs inadvertantly running zombie software, are still a problem.

Microsoft: Zombies most prevalent Windows threat: "More than 60 percent of compromised Windows PCs scanned by Microsoft's Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool between January 2005 and March 2006 were found to be running malicious bot software, the company said. The tool removed at least one version of the remote-control software from about 3.5 million PCs, it added.

'Backdoor Trojans are a significant and tangible threat to Windows users,' Microsoft said in the report.

A computer compromised by such a Trojan horse, popularly referred to as a zombie PC, can be used by miscreants in a network of bots, or 'botnet', to relay spam and launch cyberattacks. Additionally, hackers often steal the victim's data and install spyware and adware on PCs, to earn a kickback from the spyware or adware maker. "

You can read what I have to say about this on my main site: Are you a Zombie?



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