Friday, November 25, 2005

Sober at the CIA

Hi folks,

worms have been hitting the news again. (Computer ones I mean, not the wriggly ones found in good soil.) The latest variant of the Sober worm is causing huge volumes of traffic around the world.

This latest variant generates an email which claims to be from the FBI or CIA and says that they have found evidence that the computer user has been visiting illegal web sites and asks the recipient to click on the attachment to answer questions.

If you're unwise enough to open the attachment your computer will be infected and the worm will copy itself to any email addresses it finds on your hard drive.

According to Allen Bell, marketing director at McAfee Australia, "(Sober) was generating around 15 million out of 16.8 million (virus-infected e-mails), so about 90 percent of the traffic is this particular virus,"

You have been warned - don't open attachments you are not expecting. You can find more advise on email handling techniques at



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