Friday, September 23, 2005

Microsoft vs Google?

Hmmm, so Google seem to be shaping up to take on the mighty Microsoft! Seems an odd thought doesn't it?

It seems that over time Google have been building up patents and technology to offer applications from the web, thus enabling them to provide an "access anywhere from any computer" type scenario. This type of thinking isn't new of course, Larry Ellison, Oracle's colourful CEO has been saying that is where the future is for years. Even Bill Gates describes this sort of service in his book Business @ the Speed of Thought.

The press coverage seems to suggest that Microsoft are having to create a response to this new threat. I do wonder whether they have been really caught off guard as some suggest. It strikes me that Microsoft have large number of very clever people working for them, and that some of them at least must be looking at potential comptetion. I tend to think it more likely that the reaction is as much to show potential customers and the market that they are a strong and aggessive company who do not ignore threats.

What do you think?