Monday, November 19, 2007

Website creation training

Hi folks,

I've just returned from the World Internet Summit UK 2007 held in London 15-18 November this year. What at time! As always at these sorts of events there is so much information presented that your head swims with the different options. We're noting our detailed comments on the summit on the VCS Hosts blog

While a few of us were sat eating lunch a couple of the other attendees told me how they were really looking for help with the mechanics of creating web sites, what ftp was, html files and so on. Then I remembered that I owned a training course which took people through all that stuff step by painstaking step. It was created by Jim Edwards and as far as I know it's the only training material which takes you through in such careful detail.

I haven't checked the price but I think it's around $400 - quite a bargain for UK customers with the current $2 = £1 exchange rates.

Jim Edwards course

The course comprises a number of training videos which shows the whole process from start to end and includes all the tools needed to create web pages. There are some sample videos on the page so you can see the sort of presentation and get a sense of just how long it must have taken Jim to create this course.

The only criticism I can level at the training course is that it's so detailed it gets painful at times - but then I guess that's just me being a techie. (Or should I say "geek" these days?)

Anyhow if it's something you might find useful, click this link to go to Jim's site. I can personally vouch for the quality and completeness of Jim's training.

Have fun!


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